Monthly Archives: May 2013

Summer Field

More photos of my shoot with Megan and the beautiful horses. :)

Deep Roots

One of my goals lately is to spend more time outdoors and less time on the computer. Today I had fun running around the horse farm with Megan. She has being riding and training horse since a young age and she taught me lots of fun facts about them. And best of all, we took some… Read more »


Not very inspired lately. Found some pretty pictures of Heather. Hopefully new photo shoot soon. :)Model: Heather Jones <3Makeup, Styling, Photography: May

Sweet Obsession

I have to admit this is turning into quite an obsession. Hopefully short-lived, because my waste line will not tolerate this daily frosting tasting. This is my best batch yet! And the buttercream frosting is quite yummy. Here are the recipes I used: cake, frosting. If you’re a baker, feel free to share tips and… Read more »