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Spring Memories

Hope everyone had a safe and fun spring break. Since I didn’t get to have a spring break this year, I dug up some old photos from last year to remind myself what a beautiful season it is. Nothing has changed much about me except that my hair is a little bit longer now and… Read more »


Here’s the lovely Sammie head again. <3


More gorgeous shots of the beautiful Heather from our last shoot. Sometimes I have trouble giving up the colors but I don’t regret giving this set a gray scale. Model: Heather Jones <3 Makeup, Styling, Photography: May

Rain Dance

Model: Heather Jones <3 Makeup, Styling, Photography – May

White Roses

Model: Jade  Photography, makeup: May Jade and I were talking about doing another shoot together soon, which reminded me of these pretty shots of her that I never posted.  :)


I had the pleasure of working with the beautiful Heather Jones yesterday. I got this dress this past winter when my husband and I decided to stop by this random thrift store in the middle of nowhere. Best purchase ever :) Model: Heather Jones <3 Makeup, Styling, Photography – May