Feels like it has been forever! I miss taking, editing, and posting photos terribly.

After I finished the fall semester, I went on a 2-week vacation and then spent the next month studying for my board exam in San Francisco. I wan to thank all of you who supported me and encouraged me while I vented my way through this month :p. Yesterday, I took that 9-hour beast-of-an-exam and now I feel light as a feather. All I want to do now is draw, take photos, and practice guitar. There are just so many things I want to get better at but never enough time.

Here are photos from the day I cut my hair. It took me a while to say goodbye to the hair that I saved up for four years.¬†The long waves, the dryness, the knots, all so representative of my messy thoughts – the kind of thoughts that bring me misery, but also define who I am. That was the problem. I was terrified of somehow losing my identity. People cut their hair when they get their hearts broken. I didn’t have a broken heart, I was just ready to move on from my silly irrational fear – the fear that somehow the weight of my existence is resting on a certain external representation.

eIMG_2245 eIMG_2166 eIMG_2253 eIMG_2261