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Allure Noir

I did this fun photo shoot with Victoria a couple weeks ago after I finished the 5th semester of my Medical school training. It was a stressful semester that had again stretched me thin and left me feeling thirsty for creativity. Looking back, it was also a very special experience filled with excitement, joy, uncertainty, insecurity, and many… Read more »

December Wind

Visiting with my lovely sister-in-law Samantha and played around with makeup and cameras – something we both love. I’m very happy about the results and I hope you like them as well. Also, in case you didn’t notice, it’s Christmas Eve! I didn’t do anything grand besides going to the park for some sun and stuffed… Read more »

Crispy Day

It was a crispy kind of day – slightly chilly with minimal wind and a soft layer of fog. It’s a perfect scarf day and I definitely took advantage of it.


time goes by and when the raindrops fall from the sky i know, that there’s no reason why you should lie just tell me how i can hold on to this moment for now i want to treat this feeling some how                            … Read more »