Feels like it has been forever! I miss taking, editing, and posting photos terribly.

After I finished the fall semester, I went on a 2-week vacation and then spent the next month studying for my board exam in San Francisco. I wan to thank all of you who supported me and encouraged me while I vented my way through this month :p. Yesterday, I took that 9-hour beast-of-an-exam and now I feel light as a feather. All I want to do now is draw, take photos, and practice guitar. There are just so many things I want to get better at but never enough time.

Here are photos from the day I cut my hair. It took me a while to say goodbye to the hair that I saved up for four years. The long waves, the dryness, the knots, all so representative of my messy thoughts – the kind of thoughts that bring me misery, but also define who I am. That was the problem. I was terrified of somehow losing my identity. People cut their hair when they get their hearts broken. I didn’t have a broken heart, I was just ready to move on from my silly irrational fear – the fear that somehow the weight of my existence is resting on a certain external representation.

eIMG_2245 eIMG_2166 eIMG_2253 eIMG_2261




Of course I’d be painting the day before my exam.

Created with ArtStudio on my iPad. No stylus. Textures added in Photoshop.

Summer is Here

Can’t quite keep up with the changes in seasons.
Somehow I’m always the one who is left behind.

I’m drenched in sweat,
watching the most beautiful days passing away.
Guess it’s time to face it – summer is here.

eIMG_1308 eIMG_1106 eIMG_1091 eIMG_1123

Summer Field

More photos of my shoot with Megan and the beautiful horses. :)

eIMG_8753 eIMG_8706 eIMG_8650 eIMG_8681 eIMG_8773 e2IMG_8652 eIMG_8864 eIMG_8739

Deep Roots

One of my goals lately is to spend more time outdoors and less time on the computer. Today I had fun running around the horse farm with Megan. She has being riding and training horse since a young age and she taught me lots of fun facts about them. And best of all, we took some pretty pictures of her and the horses. I hope you enjoy them. :)

eIMG_0025 eIMG_0010 eIMG_0084 eIMG_0047 eIMG_9997 eIMG_9839