Sweet Obsession

I have to admit this is turning into quite an obsession. Hopefully short-lived, because my waste line will not tolerate this daily frosting tasting. This is my best batch yet! And the buttercream frosting is quite yummy. Here are the recipes I used: cake, frosting. If you’re a baker, feel free to share tips and recipes with me. :)

eIMG_8614 eIMG_8617 eIMG_8622 eIMG_8620

Summer Daze

One of my current goals is to spend more time outdoor instead of sitting in front of my computer all day. It’s good for my health and it’s good for photos. :3
eIMG_7402 eIMG_8288


When Spring Arrives Again

My apologies for lack of posts lately. My excuse is same as usual – got busy with school. :p

Here are more photographs of the beautiful Megan to remminance the end of spring and to welcome the arrival of summer. I’m looking forward to more Florida sun shine and epic thunderstorms. :)

eIMG_6482 1eIMG_6533 eIMG_6538 1eIMG_6492 eIMG_6569

My Dear Friend

Megan and I both needed a study break today so this happened, and she also brought along the coolest prop ever.

I should refrain myself from photos for a couple of weeks to focus on my exams. Good luck to everyone with finals coming up. <3

eIMG_6309 eIMG_6336 eIMG_6325