Nightmare Lullaby

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model: Victoria Elizabeth

photographer: May

makeup: May

styling: Victoria + May

Summer Bird

Found some photos of the beautiful Mattie from a while back. My editing style has definitely matured a lot, so I decided to re-edited some of the shots. Hope you enjoy it. :)

Model, styling: Mattie Jordan

Photography, makeup: May

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Bright Red

Model, styling, makeup – Emily <3


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Over the winter break my hubby and I took a road trip to the Smokey Mountains for some high altitude fresh air. It was quite fresh indeed, and very cold. It probably wasn’t the ideal season to visit the mountains, but it was a beautiful experience nonetheless. Maybe we should go back when the grass and trees are thriving. :)



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Allure Noir


I did this fun photo shoot with Victoria a couple weeks ago after I finished the 5th semester of my Medical school training. It was a stressful semester that had again stretched me thin and left me feeling thirsty for creativity. Looking back, it was also a very special experience filled with excitement, joy, uncertainty, insecurity, and many other mixed-emotions. It was inspiring to witness many amazing physicians exercise the art of healing with knowledge — something that only comes with experience. It was also very humbling to learn from many amazing patients and to have the honor of being a small part of their lives in one of their weaker moments. I feel ashamed of my ignorance, not just with respect to medical knowledge, but also in the complexity of life. I enjoy interacting with people who are very different from myself, though this can sometimes be a daunting task for an introvert like myself. The stories and the burdens of life that others carry never cease to amaze me.

Here are some of my favorite shots from my shoot with Victoria. We met for the first time in person after exchanging a few ideas online. It’s always a fun process, from meeting the model to the final retouching of the photos. I’m glad I squeezed in the shoot right before I hit the road for the holiday. It felt great to hold my camera in my hands again, and to attempt different compositions with the soft clouded sunlight resting around her. We chatted about our lives and marveled at shots we both liked. I simply love the process of creating, and having someone who shares that passion made it  that much more enjoyable.

sIMG_0970_2 sIMG_0476 sIMG_0495_2 sIMG_0532 sIMG_0676_2 sIMG_0596


model: Victoria Elizabeth

photographer: May

makeup: May

styling: Victoria + May

December Wind

Visiting with my lovely sister-in-law Samantha and played around with makeup and cameras – something we both love. I’m very happy about the results and I hope you like them as well.

Also, in case you didn’t notice, it’s Christmas Eve! I didn’t do anything grand besides going to the park for some sun and stuffed my face with some delish homemade food. Right now I’m sipping some jasmin tea on the couch, listening to the family chattering with Melanie Marinez’s songs playing off my phone (trying to avoid Christmas music ;P ). I’m looking forward to when all the shops and restaurants stop playing Christmas music. (I know, I’m a horrible person).

Hope you guys are all having a relaxing/warm Christmas. :)