Sunshine home

Sorry I’ve been kind of quiet lately. I’m currently on my surgical rotation for Med school. It’s probably one of the busiest rotation in 3rd year. I was pleasantly surprised with my ability to wake up early in the morning. As a medical student, we don’t get to do a whole lot in the operating room except throwing a stitch here and there, but I’m quite happy to just observe. It reminds me how I used to watch my older brother playing video games. I also love suturing the skin close at the end of the cases. Each stitch was an¬†opportunity¬†to improve and perfect from the previous stitch. It’s funny because the sound of surgical instruments used to creep me out because the coldness doesn’t seem to mesh well with the warm human body, but somehow I have grown fond of the crisp clicks.
Here are a few photos of my sister that I took during her Thanksgiving visit. I plan to move my blog back to WordPress during winter break with a whole new design. Can’t wait. :)